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Single Property Website Quickstart Guide

Getting Started


First Time Registration

The first time you create a new Single Property Website, you must create an account. To do so, visit the ArchAgent Website at and click the Register Here link under the log-in area.


Registration page


Enter your information in the registration screen. Your User Name can be different from your email address, but many people find it more convenient and easier to remember. Carefully choose a password that is easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to guess. Here are some tips:

- Don’t use easily guessed passwords like your name or dictionary word

- Passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters including non-alpha character

- An example might be a child’s name and birth year such as “Sophie!2002″

- Another example could be a pet’s name and a zip code “!scout12590″


Click the Next button to display the second registration page.   Registration 2 Enter your Country, State and Organization (other information is not mandatory but helps us better serve your needs) then click the Submit button.   A “Getting Started” screen will be displayed giving you the choice of learning about Single Property Websites or simply getting started.   Getting Started

Once you’re ready, click the Create a Property Website link.


Getting Started 2

You will now see the “Home” page for the Administration system. The Administration system has “Account Level” functions and “Property Website Level” functions. As this is the first time you’ve signed into the site you will not have any existing Property Websites listed on this page. Helpful tooltips guide you through the creation process the first time. They are not displayed once you’ve published your first Property Website.


Account Level

This is where you can create, edit or delete Property Websites, manage agent information, view receipts, change passwords, edit credit cards, manage property-related documents and custom page libraries, edit search engine phrases, set photo watermarks, etc.


Property Website Level

After choosing an existing Property Website (once created) you will be at the Property Website Level menu. Here you will be able to enter property descriptions, upload photos & floor plans, edit menus, add custom pages and much, much more. This is also the level that contains the Publish button to make the Property Website live on the Web.


My Property Websites

Click the “My Property Websites” link to return to the Account Level Menu or click the “Quick Menu” link to display a window of quick links to navigate directly.


If you are ready to create a Property Website, click the Create a Property Website button.


Existing Account

If you already have an ArchAgent account, visit the ArchAgent Website at


Existing Accounts

Enter your User Name (often an email address) and your Password then click the Sign In button. If you would like this page to remember your User Name for the next time you Sign In, check the “Remember me next time” box. If you are having trouble Signing In, click the Forgotten Password button.


Email Address

To retrieve a forgotten password, enter the email address you used to register and click the Submit button. Your password will be sent to that email address. If you are still having problems, call our support desk at 1-800-882-9006.


Administration System Overview

The Property Website Administration system has “Account Level” functions and “Property Website Level” functions. The initial screen you see when you login will be the Account Level screen and will look something like this:

Published Websites

1. This area displays how many licenses you currently have and gives you the option to purchase additional licenses

2. The Create New button is used to start a new Property Website. Click Extend to add more years to an existing Property Website. You can also filter the way your Property Websites are displayed by various criteria

3. This area displays an entry for each Property Website – showing its name, status and expiration date. Choose Select to display the “Property Website Level” menu for a particular Property Website

4. This is the navigation bar, which displays the current page and navigation buttons

Introduction to Single Property Websites

Creating a Property Website is a simple process. First, enter the basic property-related information (description, photos, property type, address, price, etc.). You can later enhance the Property Website with even more information. Pick a design for your Property Website and “Preview” it to see it exactly how it will look. Once you are happy with the Property Website, you can choose to “Publish” it so that it can be seen by anyone with a Web browser. After 1 year, (unless you’ve opted to extend it) the license will expire.


New Property Website

Click the Create New button from the main Administration screen to start the Property Website creation process. You will be guided through 6 different screens to enter information.


Enhance Property Website

Add even more photos, property-related documents, floor plans, edit your menu links, add links to blogs and Virtual Tours, add custom pages, or choose a design template. You may also view Website statistics, link to Google Analytics add photo watermarks and edit search engine phrases.



By default, a Property Website is online for a one-year period. At any time during this live period, the time can be extended. You may also choose to register a Property Website for longer than one year during the initial publishing process.


Creating your first Single Property Website

From the main Administration screen, click the Create New Property Website button (see arrow) to begin building a new Property Website.


Creating a Single Property Website

A series of 6 screens will take you through each of the steps necessary to enter the essential information for your new Property Website. The 6 screens are:



Enter property, type, price, address and number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.



Enter property descriptions for the Property Website “Home” page and “Full Details” page.



Upload one or more photos. You can always add more or edit these photos later.


Contact & Logo

Choose one or more contacts (agent information) to be displayed on the Property Website.



Choose a design template and preview your actual Property Website before publishing.


Marketing Feeds

Choose any or all real estate search outlets you would like your Property Website submitted to for syndication.




Enter property type, price, address, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.



• Changing the price from “Fixed” to “Range” causes a second price area to be displayed. The first price is “From” and the second will be the “To” price.


• You can list a property in currencies other than US dollars.


• The area after bedrooms and bathrooms can be used to add “+” or “++” or anything else that you need to add.


• Entering information on Style, Square Footage, Plot Size, Listing Number, Year Built and Area is optional.



• The first property description area is the one displayed under the photo on the Property Website Home page.

• Click the (Copy Home Page Description) link if you want to copy the “Home Page Description” text to the “Detailed Description” as some starter text.

• Use the (Feature Picker) to simplify adding property features.

• To rearrange “Property Features,” simply click your mouse on the arrow to the right of the feature and drag it to where you want it to be and let go.

• If you need more property feature lines, click the Add Feature Lines button. This will ensure that there are always at least 5 blank property feature areas.


Click the Next button to continue to the Photo screen.



Upload one or more photos. You can always add more or edit these photos later. Click the Select button to locate up to six photos on your computer. Up to 6 photos can be uploaded at one time, up to 100 photos total.


For faster photo uploads click the “Switch to Advanced Mode” button and follow the instructions. Advanced mode allows you to upload multiple photos in one step. This is faster than Basic mode as the photos are resized before they are uploaded. Please note that your original photos are not resized.


Uploading Property Photos



• Click the Add button to add another photo before you click the Upload button.

• Modern digital cameras can take photos at extremely high resolutions. While this is great for printing, the photos are very large and therefore time consuming to upload – even on a fast Internet connection. If you want to speed the upload process, resize the photos on your computer to 800×600 before uploading them or click the Switch to Advanced Mode button.

• Don’t worry if you are unable to resize the photos as our software will automatically resize the photos for you.


Once you have selected one or more photos, the screen will look like the example on the next page where we have selected three photos.


You can see that three photos have been selected and are displayed and are now ready to be uploaded.


Uploading Property Images 2


• If you have selected the wrong photo, click the Clear button to delete it from the list of photos to be uploaded.


When you are ready, click the Upload button to start sending the photos from your computer to our servers.

While the photos are uploading, you will see the progress on a screen similar to the example on the next page.

You will see the progress bars updating as the photos are uploaded.


Upload Property Photos 3


• Upload speed depends on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the photos being uploaded.


Once the photos have finished uploading, you will see a screen similar to the example shown on the next page. The uploaded photos are now displayed as thumbnails. A thumbnail is a smaller representation of the larger photos (your pictures will be uploaded at a much larger size than these photos).


Property Thumbnails



• Re-arrange the photos by dragging them to the desired position. You can also rotate, delete or add descriptions by clicking the appropriate radio button.

• You can add up to six photos at a time while in Basic Mode using the Browse then Upload buttons as you did before – you can upload as many as 100 photos for each Property Website.

• You can change the size of the thumbnail photos by selecting “Small”, “Medium” or Large” from the “Size:” dropdown menu.


Click the Next button to continue to the Contact screen.Click the Next button to continue to the Contact screen.



Choose one or more contacts (agent information) to be displayed on the Property Website.


Contact InformationNotes:

• To review your contact information click the Edit button and make any desired changes.

• When you create your first Property Website, only your contact information will be displayed. You can add more contacts by clicking the Add New Contact button.

• If you have more than one contact listed, you can used the #1 and #2 check boxes to determine who is the primary and who is the secondary contact. This will also determine who is listed first on the Property Website.

• You can also upload your company logo using the same “select” then “upload” process used for uploading photos. Your logo will be resized to fit within the Property Website designs.

• You can select any number of preloaded real estate certifications and designations to be automatically listed on your site.

• You can edit your contact information or create additional contacts at any time using the “Contact Manager” screen in the “My Account” section.


Click the Next button to continue to the Design screen.



Choose a design for your Property Website from the available templates.


Real Estate Website Templates


• Some of the designs have options such as different banner inserts, color schemes, or allow you to pick your own color.

• Also choose from “Commercial’ or “Franchise” templates such as Century 21, ERA, Keller Williams, RE/MAX, etc. using the links above the thumbnails.

• You can change the design template for any Property Website now or at any time – even after it has been published to the Internet.


Click the Next button to continue to the Marketing Feeds screen.


Marketing Feeds

Choose the real estate search outlets you would like your Property Website submitted to for syndication.


Single Property Website Syndication


Click the Save button to complete the initial Property Website creation process.



You have now entered the essential information required to create and publish a Property Website.


Property Website Home Page

This is the Administration System for a specific Property Website. In this case, you can see that the Current Property Website is “211 Barton Springs” and the Status: is “Unpublished.” You’ve created a Property Website, but have not yet started the Publishing process, which makes it visible to the public on the Internet.



Sidebar1.       Menu bar used to access account level functions such as displaying your list of Property Websites, number of remaining licenses and using the Quick Menu providing one-click access to any screen in the system.

2.       The action buttons to “Publish” the Property Website and to “Preview” the current design.

3. Edit Property Website: This tab includes all of the screens used to update the text descriptions of the property. You can also choose/change contacts, enter messages (taglines, disclaimers, etc.) or run a spell check on the Property Website.

4. Media & Documents: From here, you can upload more photos, edit, name, rearrange existing photos, upload floor plans, create custom pages and add property-related documents.

5. Design Picker: From here, you can choose a design template and preview your actual Property Website before publishing.

6. Marketing: Lighthouse Marketing System, Property Website statistics, Powerview, Virtual Tours and Document statistics.

7. Each tab has a menu that explains each of the functional screens. You can also navigate directly to screens using the down arrows in the tab header or the Quick Menu.


Publishing Your Single Family Property Website

This is the process of making your Property Website available for anyone to view in a Web browser over the Internet. Once you’ve selected a Property Website, you can click on the Publish button (see arrow) to start the publishing process.


This displays the following helpful screen explaining the publishing process:




Click the Start Publishing or Start button to begin the publishing process. A series of screens will take you through the steps necessary to publish a Property Website:


Website Address

The “Publish” screen will begin by asking you to enter the Website address that you would like to use for this Property Website.


Sign Riders

If you want to order signs through ArchAgent, this screen will initiate an email to ArchAgent for processing.



This is where you pay for your Property Website using a credit card or an available license.


Order Review

Review your order prior to submitting payment or using a license.


Website Address

Enter the Website address (e.g., that you would like to use for this Property Website.



• A license for a single Property Website keeps the site live on the Internet for 1 year. If you would like it live for longer, you can extend it using the “License Period” options. There is a charge to extend licenses for over one year.

• Website addresses cannot enforce capitalization such as AnyStreet. The address in the Web browser will say “anystreet”, but you can use any case in your marketing materials.


Click the Next button to display the Sign Riders screen.


Sign Riders

You are then given the option to purchase a sign rider personalized with the Property Website address.  Clicking “Yes” will begin an off-platform process for ordering your sign rider.


Click the Next button to display the Payment screen.




• All credit card information is encrypted and stored securely in our databases.

• Once the credit card number is entered, only the last 4 digits are ever displayed.

• If you enter more than one credit card, you can mark one as your “Primary” card and it will be selected by default.


Click the Next button to display the Order Review screen.


Order Review

This is your chance to review the order prior to submitting payment or using a license.

Payment Options



• There is a $15 fee to change the Website address after the Property Website has been published. Please carefully check the name you have chosen.

• The prior steps in the publishing process can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link in the header area (Website Address, Sign Riders, Payment) allowing you to make any changes you want. You can also use the Prev (previous) or Change Order buttons.


When you are ready to complete the publishing process, click the Submit Order button.


Order Processing

This screen will show the automated steps that our system performs.

This example shows:

• Checking if the Website (domain) address is available to be registered

• Processing the credit card

• The Property Website being published

• A receipt being generated

Order Confirmation


Click the Continue button to complete the publishing process.


Order Confirmation

This screen confirms your order.



Click the Continue button to return to the Administration System home page.