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Powerline in 10 Minutes

Using this simple guide you can have your Powerline™ service up and running in a matter of minutes. The Powerline™ technology can be set up using either the telephone or the internet web portal.  Getting started is easy; just follow these few steps and you’ll be on your way.


Setting Up Notifications


In order to set up the following notifications you must first login to the Powerline Portal.


Logging into the Portal


Step 1: Access the Powerline Portal at or

Step 2: Enter your 10-digit Mailbox number in the “Login ID” field

Note: Your mailbox number is the same as your toll-free Powerline™ phone number, as assigned to you in your welcome number.

Step 3: Enter your default password in the “Password” field Step

Step 4: Click the “Login” button You are now logged into the customer portal


Set up Zero Transfer/Direct Connect


Zero Transfer allows your callers to be transferred to the telephone number of your choice simply by pressing “o” on their telephone. This phone number can be changed at any time, which means you will never miss a hot lead again.


Step 1: Click on “My Mailbox” tab

Step 2: Click on “General Settings”

Step 3: Enter the 1o-digit destination number in “Zero Xfer Destination” field

Step 4: Click on the “Save Settings” button


Note: Direct Connect extensions and individual notification and zero transfer features are available under select rate plans only.


Instant Notification


As soon as a potential client calls your toll‐free number, you will receive instant notification of the call, including the caller’s name, phone number, listing code, and ad source. The information will be sent to you via email or text message within just a few minutes, allowing you to follow up on hot leads immediately.


Step 1: Click the “Notifications” tab

Step 2: Enter your desired messaging contact information: email address, text message address, or pager number into the “Pager Destination” field.

Step 3: Click the “Add” button


Record Your Master Greeting and Recordings


Now that you have your zero transfer and notification systems enabled, you can start recording your Master Greeting and Property Listings. You will record your Master Greeting and Property Listings by calling your toll‐free phone number assigned to you by ArchAgent. As you become more comfortable with the system, you may want to consider using the web recording features, but to get started the phone is easy and simple. For information on recording using the web, see the section titled, “Complete Web Portal Guide” immediately following this section.


• Dial your toll‐free number

• When you hear the initial greeting, press * and enter your default password

• You are now in the Main Menu


Master Greeting

The Master Greeting is the first message a caller hears after dialing your number. Personal systems (single user) should customize this greeting. With Multi‐user systems, the Master Greeting should be more general and can only be recorded using the Master Password.


From the Main Menu:


• Press 9 (Personal Options)

• Press 1 (Greetings)

• Press 1 (Regular Greeting, follow the voice instructions)


Tips for making your recordings:


• Use a call to action to get the prospect to press “0” and transfer directly to you. Most of our clients find using, “At any time during a property recording you may receive our most current price by pressing 0 at any time” to be effective.

• Script the information out on paper before recording. It will save time and frustration.


Example Master Greeting for Personal System: “Hello, and welcome to John Smith’s 24‐ Hour property and marketing hotline. Please enter the extension number for the property or information you are calling about, or you may press ‘0’ to speak with me directly. Thank you for calling.”


Example Master Greeting for Corporate System: “Thank you for calling the Smith Group’s 24‐hour listing hotline. Please enter the extension for the property in which you are interested at this time. If you would like to speak with the Smith Group directly, please press ‘0’ at any time.”


Property Listings

After establishing your Master Greeting, you can use the voice‐automated service to set up multiple listing codes (extensions) that enable you to record your property’s descriptive information. By default, listing extensions are three digits in length and must use numbers from 200 through 999. You cannot begin a listing with a 0 or 1.


From the Main Menu:


• Press 7 (Manage Your IVR Listings)

• Press 1 (Add or Change a Listing)

• Enter the 3 digit listing number you would like to add.

• Press 1 for Regular IVR listing

• Record your listing and follow the voice instructions.


Note: If you are using a fourth digit at the end of your listing in your advertising to track the ad source, you do not enter this source digit when setting up or deleting listings. The source digit appears only on your printed ads.