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Power Dialer Quick Start Guide
PowerDialer Quick Start Guide

Get Started with Power Dialer

Power Dialer makes it easy to make calls fast. Use this quick start guide to learn how to use key features.


Step 1 – Login to Power Dialer


  • Enter your Username and Password
  • Click Login

Note: Your Username is your Power Dialer Mailbox number, a ten digit number similar to 8001071234.


Step 2 – Configure a Call List

Power Dialer was designed to accept any list that is in .CSV (Comma Separated Value) file format from any source or provider. You are able to upload any list from a .CSV file.

  • The header row in a .CSV file is the top-most row in the file and contains the FIELD LABLES. FIELD LABLES are used for mapping the data in the file to the proper FIELDS in the Power Dialer.
  • Power Dialer only looks at the first 50 columns (up to column ‘AX’ in Excel). If your .CSV file contains more than 50 columns, remove any unnecessary columns.
  • The column order is not critical as the upload process matches the data to the appropriate FIELDS based on the header row.

Use the chart below to ensure your .CSV file loads properly.

  • “Field Type” is the type of FIELD supported by the Power Dialer system.
  • The column header (FIELD LABEL) must read one of the values under “Possible Column Headers”.


Call List Template – Click the CSV icon to download a sample .CSV file with an example of the expected contents of a file ready to upload to the Power Dialer.

Field Type Possible Column Headers
Phone Number phone1, phone2, phone3

First Name first name
Last Name last name
Email email
Notes or
notes1, notes2, notes3, notes4, notes5,
notes6, notes7, notes8, notes9, notes10
contactid, crmID
Address address1, address2
City city
State state, st
Postal Code zip


Create a New Call List from a .CSV File

  • Choose “Lists” under “Configure”
  • From the box on the right, select “Continue”
  • Enter a unique description in the “List Name” field
  • Click “Browse” and locate the .CSV file on your local drive
  • Click “Upload CSV”


Step 3 – Start Dialing


Configure a New Dial Session

  • Choose “Start Session” from the home screen
  • Click “Choose a call list”
  • Click here for Advanced Settings


Start a Dial Session


  • Click “Start Session”
  • Dial 800-900-9526
  • You will be prompted to display the unique PIN number displayed on-screen.


Control a Dial Session

After your PIN is validated you will be brought to the Session Control Screen and you will click “Start Dialing”. You will hear the system beginning to dial, and depending on the result you will be able to choose from the following actions:

  • End Call – When selected the Power Dialer system will end the current connection and automatically begin to dial the next number in the list.
  • Live Answer – If the prospect answers the phone. You may begin speaking immediately and your script will appear once this option is selected.
  • Leave VoicemailThis option becomes available when the Power Dialer detects a recorded message. After this option is selected, the system will automatically leave your message on the prospect’s voicemail in the background while you have the option to continue to the next record.

Note: At any point in the dialing session you may choose “Pause Session”. Once you are ready to resume the system will present you with a new PIN number to continue dialing.


Preview Upcoming Calls and Skip Dials

Power Dialer allows you to view the notes on the next call in your list. You also have the capability to skip past any records you do not wish to dial.

  • Notes – Allows you to view the “Notes” column in our call list and previous history for the upcoming record.
  • Skip – Skips over the next record in your list, preventing you from dialing unwanted numbers.


Dial Session Data Entry

Once you have successfully ended a call you will be able to enter contact notes, schedule follow-up phone calls, and set a lead disposition.

  • Notes – Enter in call details to be exported to your CRM system.
  • Choose a Call Outcome – Set the caller’s disposition based on interest level. Please contact us about custom fields settings based on your CRM system.
  • Schedule Callback – Enter a time/date for following up with the prospect.