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Creating a Neighborhood Data List

Call lists based on neighborhood data can be loaded automatically, using the Cole Realty Resource service. Searches available include:

  • Neighborhood – perfect for Just Listed / Just Sold campaigns
  • Renter – Identify renters in a geographic region
  • Commercial – search for specific business by type or area
  • Directory – Directory assistance, people search

Initial activation is required, please contact us at 800-882-9155 or to setup access.

Configuring Your List for Dowload

  • Click on ‘Lists” under ‘Content’
  • Select ‘Neighborhood Data’
  • Note: Please make sure pop-blockers are turned off

  • Choose your search type
    • Neighborhood (Just Listed/Just Sold), Renter, Commercial, or Directory
  • Enter in a starting address
    • Required fields include: House Number, Street Name, and State
    • For best results, omit the street suffix (ie, “St”, “Road”, “Ave”)
  • Click Search

  • Choose your target list type (All, Mailing, Telemarketing)
  • Choose your geographic region
    • Street Search – All properties on a specific street
    • Radius Search – All properties within a given mileage
    • Map Search – Draw a specific area on an interactive map

  • Select the records you wish to export (Select All or only certain records)
  • Select ‘Arch’ under ‘Download Format’
  • Click ‘Download

  • Return to the PowerDialer
  • Confirm Download under Content->Lists
  • Note: This process could take up to five minutes