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Create a new call list from REDX

REDX leads can be synced with your PowerDialer to create call lists automatically. An initial one-time setup of REDX Lead Manager is required.

Setup REDX Lead Manager to Sync Leads with your PowerDialer

NOTE: Screen shots below are from REDX Rolodex, the current version supported.

Login to REDX Lead Manager

  • Choose “Sync Options” under “Tools”
  • Select “Enable Arch Sync”

Send REDX Leads to your PowerDialer

Once sync is enabled, The “Arch Sync” button appears in the main toolbar.

  • Click the new “Arch Sync” button

Add/Change Mailbox

  • Enter your PowerDialer Mailbox number: 800XXXXXXX

Arch Sync

  • Select the lead types you want to sync
    • Expired, FSBO, Off-Market, Cancelled, Withdrawn
  • Select a timeframe
    • Since Last Sync, 6 Months Back
  • Click ‘Sync’

Note: Your list will be processed and available within 5 minutes.

Login to your PowerDialer

  • Confirm Sync under Configure -> Lists
    • The list will be prefaced by “Redx: REDX” and then labeled with the sync date and time.