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Working with Contactually and PowerDialer

Using Contactually’s powerful contact management features along with the ArchAgent PowerDialer’s pre-qualified leads, you will have a unique ability to automate your marketing to buyer’s, seller’s and your sphere of influence. The PowerDialer is designed to help you both Import and Export leads to and from Contactually with as little work as necessary.

Configuring your Contactually system for automatic lead import

In order to activate the sync, please email your request to Customer Support at or call 800-882-9155.

In your e-mail request please include your:

  • PowerDialer Username
  • Name of CRM – Contactually
  • Contactually API Key
  1. Login to Contactually
  2. Go to Settings then API
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see the API key
  4. Copy that and send to


Pushing leads to Contactually during a dialing session

Once your PowerDialer and Contactually systems are synced, any interested prospects will be automatically populated into your contact manager. The information pushed includes the prospects name, phone number, address, and any notes from your conversation.

Whether a new lead is pushed to Contactually is determined by the call outcome selected for the prospect.

In order to push the record to Contactually, select one of the following options under “Choose call outcome” when saving a record during a dial session:

  • Interested
  • Call Back

Once you save the record it should be available in Contactually within 5 minutes.