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Got a question? We have the answer.

ArchAgent has taken the top real estate agent questions and put them all right here.

Simply click on one of the FAQ Categories below.


Our FAQ Categories


PowerDialer FAQ

Is there a contract or setup fee?

How much is the PowerDialer Service?

Do you also provide leads?

Can I use the PowerDialer from any computer or tablet?

Can I use VoIP services such as Google Voice, Skype or Vonage?

How do I get leads into the PowerDialer Service?

Do you scrub against the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry?

How do I get leads out of the PowerDialer Service?



For Sale by Owner (FSBO) - General FAQ

Where do you find the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) leads that you provide?

Do you scrub the Do Not Call list?

How often is the data updated?

What type of verification does the ad go through before it is delivered?

What type of quality assurance do you perform?

FSBO Web Portal

How do I change my base zip code?

Can I adjust my mileage radius?

I currently receive the Summary report by email, but would like to view the entire ad online, is this possible?

FSBO Coverage Areas

Does your coverage area cross state lines?

What areas do you cover?

FSBO Data Delivery/Email

When do you deliver the leads?

What formats are available for the daily emails?

Can multiple emails be sent each day?

How do I download my leads to into a spreadsheet or import them into a contact manager?



Reverse Phone and Address Matching Service FAQ

What type of information can I send it to be matched?

What format can I use to upload the data?

What information do you need in-order to match up a phone number?

Are the phone numbers flagged against the Do Not Call List?



Powerline FAQ

What do I need to manage my call capture system?

Does ArchAgent require a contract commitment?

Can I use a toll-free number that I already own?

Will my toll-free number be accessible nationwide?

How quickly can I have a number assigned and setup?

Do I need to purchase additional equipment to utilize ArchAgent’s services?

How does ArchAgent capture the callers phone number?



Mobile Marketing - General FAQ

How does ArchAgent’s Mobile Marketing service work?

What is a Short Code?

How does one send a message using a short code?

Do I need to put software on my computer?

What do I need to manage my mobile marketing service?

Can I pay to have an ArchAgent set my system up?

Can I purchase your Mobile Marketing product by itself?

Do I have to pay every time someone requests information?

Can I purchase rider signs from ArchAgent?

Does the home buyer have to pay anything?

Can I re-use my mobile marketing code/sign on a different service?

Mobile Marketing - Editing Your Service

How many characters are supported through SMS?

What are the size requirements for my photos?

Is there an easy way to resize images?



Single Property Websites FAQ

What do I need to create a Property Website?

Can I use a Mac?

How often can I change my Property Website?

How do I represent a multi-unit building with a Property Website?

Why haven't my changes been saved?

What is a license?

How long is a license valid?

Can I re-use my Property Website for a different listing?

Can I remove my Property Website from Public View for awhile?

How do I redirect a Website address I already own to my Property Website?


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