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Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

We Guarantee It. Because We Did It.

A few months ago we had the good fortune of co-hosting a webinar, Accountable Internet Lead Generation, with Ben Kinney of Home4Investment Real Estate Team, a Keller Williams brokerage. Ben is a top producing agent, author, Internet lead generation guru and is in great demand on the coaching/speaking circuit.

The webinar’s topic was “Accountable Lead Generation”. Internet lead generation starts with search engine optimization (SEO) and Ben’s focus was on how any real estate agent can win their share of online leads without hiring expensive SEO firms or being a tech wizard.

The webinar was so intriguing we decided to take these strategies and implement them as if we were real estate agents. We created a single property website and did all the SEO ourselves. Other than the $12 URL we paid GoDaddy, we invested zero dollars. The only way this property could be found was via an organic Internet search. There is no physical address, no lawn sign, no tax records, no marketing brochure or MLS entry. The property has a fictitious address, but we used a recently sold home so the pictures and pricing were real.

To find out the exact steps we did, listen to Ben’s webinar on generating real estate leads using single property websites. The whole webinar is about 60 minutes and he gets into the meat of what we did at the 18:30 mark. Or if you would like the bullet-point version, you can visit our Facebook pageand download the Cliff Note Version, “Online Success Begins and Ends With Search Engine Optimization”. You may also receive the White Paper by sending us email at or call 800-882-9155 ext: 2.