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Five Real Estate Gadgets You Can Use Without Being A Technology Geek

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Real estate agents are famous for high visual and high velocity marketing, but sometimes fall victim to over-investing time and money. In today’s world, there are simple to use and free technologies that can help your marketing that you put all that time and effort into be more effective.

But technology can be scary to some. It is often said “give a person a program and you may frustrate them for a day, teach them to program and you will frustrate them for a lifetime.”. Well here’s five simple plug in programs that you can implement that we promise won’t frustrate you… even for a single day. – Do you print your flyers or e-brochures as PDF’s? If you need something that is similar to Adobe Photoshop without the all of the extras (and the big price tag) try pixlr for your photo editing. It’s available free online. - Do you email contracts and need to convert them for Microsoft Word to a PDF? Cutepdf installs like just like a printer allowing you to create, save, and email documents with just a push of a button. – While there’s no shortage of real estate specific CRMs, many agents still use Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. Milk serves as a perfect add-on by providing a more robust, but simple task management option. – More and more Internet gurus are suggesting that you present “hyper-local” information on your website. Hyperlocal is a term that means very current and specific information about your neighborhood such as shopping, dining, cultural, schools, etc. The challenge is to keep it updated. With walkscore, you enter any address in the U.S. , and the walkscore displays a map of the area and it interfaces with your website for free. – Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook present a unique conundrum to many agents. You know you should do it, need to do it, but it’s hard to track and you often walk the thin line between return and investment. With bufferapp you can consolidate various social sites by queuing up your announcements and Buffer will automatically send them out at pre-defined times during the day.