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800 Powerline Call Capture
Starting from $30.00

Powerline Call Capture

The Keller Center At The Baylor Business School Reports In Their Study, "Lead Generation: What Really Works?" That After A Referral, Call Capture Is The Most Productive Source For Real Estate Lead Generation

Did You Know?

Three out of four prospective homebuyers will drive by a property they are considering purchasing before they call an agent. They are looking for more information and they want it immediately.


If your brochure box is empty, or if the text on the brochure disqualifies them, the prospect will drive away and you'll never have the opportunity to capture that buyer, which may also have been a seller.


Benefits of 800Powerline

800Powerline call capture is your virtual brochure, it never needs restocking and it captures the lead every time, the moment it happens. Simple sign riders instruct buyers to receive property information by recorded message or text, and call capture steps in. Not having to call a live sales person to receive this information increases your market response significantly.


Funneling your prospects through 800Powerline call capture ensures you capture every lead that your marketing reached. The call capture system notifies you immediately and automatically sends the lead to your customer relationship manager.


Our business building kit has easy to follow marketing templates. 800Powerline call capture will assist you in winning listing presentations, help you negotiate price reductions, and convince for sale by owners and expired listings that you should be the agent of choice.


The Keller study also reported that when an agent was asked to rank their allocation of effort and spending for lead sources as a percentage of their total effort and spending, their call capture system (after promotional items) was the second most economic and easiest to use.


800Powerline call capture is simple for you to implement and simple for your prospects to use because keeping it simple works.

Each Powerline Call Capture Service Includes:

  • Immediate notification of lead with phone number, name, address (when available) and Do Not Call Registry status
  • Instant live transfer
  • Ad source tracking so you know what ads work and which do not.
  • Mobile Marketing - SMS/text messaging access includes property info, pictures and agent business card
  • Automatic integration of lead to various CRM platforms Turnkey business building kit

Additional Powerline Users

  • Additional users can be added to a Powerline number to create a shared system. Each user receives a full-featured Powerline system, business building kit and unique login ID with password. The unique login ID and password eliminates administrator management and crossover of leads.
  • Shared Powerlines are ideal for brokers who wish to use the system for recruiting and branding, teams, buyer agents, and agents willing to share a number to lower their cost. Shared systems are also ideal for originators, to build realtor affiliate and FSBO programs.

Powerline Starter Kit

The Powerline starter kit is our regular 800Powerline call capture system but limited to 5 extensions. This system is ideal for agents who are just getting started, want to explore using call capture but not on all their properties, or for agents who prefer to advertise only consumer direct initiatives, such as marketing free reports.

Each Subscription Includes:

  • Powerline Call Capture with an initial 5 listing capacity
  • Mobile Marketing – SMS/text, photos and business card
  • Unique 800# with custom greeting

ArchAgent Call Coordinator

We'll Qualify Your Leads Within Fifteen Minutes, Because The More Qualified The Lead, The More Efficient You Can Be

One of the biggest challenges in selling real estate is that the marketplace is crowded with competitors trying to sell the same thing you're selling, often to the same prospects. The reality is that over 60%2 of the time, whoever gets to the prospect first and controls that relationship will control the resulting transaction. The Keller Study1 Found That Lead Follow-up Must Occur Within 8 Hours To Ensure High Conversion Rates

The ArchAgent Call Coordinator Service (CCS) is designed to ensure that every unique lead generated by your Powerline call capture system will be contacted on your behalf, qualified and reported to you in a timely and professional manner.

You can choose to utilize the CCS service only on select properties, days of week, temporarily for occasions such as vacations, or only up to a maximum monthly investment.

Choose the questions you wish for our CCS employee to ask from our master script. All CCS operators are employed directly by Arch and are located at our facility in Austin, TX.

Call Times

  • 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Saturday 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM Sunday
  • 1st Call within 15 minutes of originating call
  • 2nd and 3rd call on one hour intervals (if the 2nd or 3rd hour interval is outside of the calling time zones, the 2nd or 3rd attempt will be made the following day)

Major Holidays are observed

  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Thanksgiving day
  • Christmas Eve and Day
  • New Years Eve and Day

Arch Assistant Services

Save time and money by letting our professionals set up your Powerline call capture system for each new listing. Includes script writing, voice recording, and loading of pictures.


$49 / per month

Each subscription includes

  • All per minute and service fees are included
  • 25 listing capacity (extra listings are only $1 per month)


Additional Users

$25 / per month, per mailbox

Each subscription includes

  • 25 listing capacity
  • Additional listings are $1 each per month.


Powerline Starter Kit

$30 / per month

Each subscription includes

  • 5 listing capacity
  • Subscriber may upgrade to a 25 listing system at any time.


ArchAgent Call Coordinator

$10 / per month

$5 / per completed call


Assistant Services

$10 / script and record

$15 / script and record with pictures