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PowerDialer Auto Dialer Service
Starting from $39.00 per month

PowerDialer Automatic Dialer Service

Real Estate Is A Relationship Business. The Simplest Way To Maintain Your Relationships Is The Telephone. But The Process Of Calling Can Be Time Consuming And Prone To Error.

We can help.

The PowerDialer is a simple to use, web based automatic dialer service that is designed to eliminate error and greatly improve your telephone prospecting efficiency. The PowerDialer works on any telephone, computer (PC or Mac) and internet connection.

The PowerDialer automatic dialer service eliminates dialing by hand and connects you to live answers faster. There’s no more misdials, wasted time waiting for answering greetings and you eliminate the effort to leave repetitive answering machine messages.

Select a group and the PowerDialer automatic dialer service goes to work progressing through your list utilizing multiple line and call detection technology. With our automatic dialing service, the notes you take during the conversation are immediately transferred to your customer relationship manager (CRM) or database. When an answering machine is detected, your pre-recorded message is left while you’re already calling the next prospect.

TCPA and FCC Compliant

The PowerDialer automatic dialer service is TCPA (telemarketing consumer protection act) compliant. Hanging up or playing recorded messages to live answers is referred to as “abandonment” and carries $500-$1500 per offense fines. The PowerDialer will not allow you to abandon prospects.

In October of 2013 the FCC requires expressed written consent to call a consumer if using a predictive dialer. The PowerDialer is not predictive, as dialers that call multiple live people at once are, but rather a preview dialer meaning the operator previews each call and then determines the outcome. This means you remain compliant with the 10/13 rules.

Your PowerDialer automatically checks all lists against the federal and state DNC registry. Because there are permissible exemptions to calling the DNC , the PowerDialer enables the subscriber to determine if these leads should be called or skipped.

Pre-Loading of Call Lists and CRM Synchronization

PowerDialer can be setup to preload your FSBO (for sale by owner), Expired and Neighborhood lists. There is no need to export/import lists. Call lists are dynamically updated in the dialer and re-listed properties are automatically deleted.

Custom neighborhood lists to perform geographic farming or call around a just-listed/ just-sold property are easily created and automatically loaded. The neighborhood lists are updated monthly using the tax roll.

The PowerDialer automatic dialing service can synchronize with many CRM (customer relationship managers). The user can customize a call outcome and trigger the push of the contact’s information including pre and post call notes into their CRM of choice.

It’s not easy to telephone prospect. It’s hard to find quality call lists. Entering results into your database is time consuming. It’s challenging to stay in compliance. The PowerDialer automatic dialer service makes sure your time is utilized properly, your expectations are met and you remain compliant and free of fines.

PowerDialer Automatic Dialer Includes:

  • Call Notes/Progress Displayed. As each call is dialed, the number and selected notes – such as fsbo ad, expired remarks, call history are displayed for
  • Multiple Active CallsIn a single dial session you can have up to eight simultaneous calls leaving a voicemail in the background, while dialing a new number to get you to a live answer faster.
  • Automatic Lead Importing. Lead lists such as FSBO, Expired or Neighborhoods are automatically loaded for you and dynamically managed with re-listed properties deleted.
  • CRM Synchronization. PowerDialer automatically syncs results to your CRM saving you the time in switching applications or manually entering call notes and activity. You are ensured all call results are entered.
  • Compliance. The FCC and FTC have strict rules regarding abandonment and consumer consent. The PowerDialer automatic dialer does not abandon or violate consent rules.
  • Do Not Call Flags. There are permissible exceptions to the DNC rules. Therefore, depending upon the circumstances an agent may or may not choose to call a prospect on the DNC list. PowerDialer automatic dialer flags records indicating the status.
  • Lists Kept Confidential. Your call lists are protected and secure. They are never used for any purpose outside of your use.
  • Start/Stop Sessions. Pause/quit at any time and the automatic dialer application will keep track of the progress to resume at your convenience.
  • Selectable Redials. Using preset filters such as call results (interested, not interested) or date the PowerDialer will advance through your Group selecting only flagged calls.
  • Pre-recorded Voicemail Messages. Select a prerecorded message or optionally leave a personal message for any individual call when voicemail is detected.
  • Customized Scripts. Your customized or coaches scripts automatically pop up when needed.
  • Email Delivery. You may choose to automatically or send an email on demand.

PowerDialer Automatic Dialer Service

There is a PowerDialer subscription to accommodate any agents prospecting habits and budget. All subscription plans are month to month and there is never a setup fee.

Unlimited Dialing

$99 / per month

* Best value if telephone prospecting is the center of your business growth plan and you prospect more than two hours a day.

Pay As You Go

$59.00 / per month for the first 2000 minutes. Best value if you prospect one to two hours a day. Additional minutes may be purchased for $5 per 100 minute increment. Unused additional minutes roll over to the following month. Your per minute count is displayed in the dialer so you know exactly how many minutes you are using.

Pay As You Go

$39.00 / per month for the first 1000 minutes. Best value if you are a new agent or prospect one hour or less a day. Additional minutes may be purchased for $5 per 100 minute increment. Unused additional minutes roll over to the following month. Your per minute count is displayed in the dialer so you know exactly how many minutes you are using.