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FSBO Lead Service
$30.00 per month

Over 70% Of For Sale By Owners Will Eventually List With A Full Serviced Agent … Will It Be You?

Spending the time to locate For Sale By Owner (FSBO) leads is time consuming. Once a FSBO lead is located, the advertisement or yard sign may not provide enough information to mail, or be in a suitable format for efficient calling.

Our FSBO lead service searches for FSBO leads from online newspapers, magazines, Craig’s list, and other public sites, all rich in FSBO leads. The FSBO lead service automatically performs the research for you. The FSBO lead service finds missing elements such as full phone number, owner name, postal address, exact location and DNC status. The FSBO leads are delivered to you daily, sorted by mileage proximity from your target area, in a format suitable for either calling or mailing.

Converting a FSBO lead to a listing takes expertise and persistence. You have to bring new and exciting information to the FSBO lead every time you speak with them. In addition to the FSBO lead service, ArchAgent will provide you with a turnkey business building manual that contains FSBO scripts, mail pieces, and agreements that show you how to assist and close FSBOs.

Share your Powerline call capture with mobile marketing with the FSBO leads and you’ll always have a reason to stay in contact with them. You’ll leverage their property for new buyers and sellers and when the FSBO lead is ready to discuss your services, offer them a unique single property site. Tools like an FSBO lead service can ensure your status as the agent of choice.

Each FSBO Lead Service Includes:

  • Receive all online FSBO leads within a fifty-mile radius, delivered by mileage proximity closest to furthest from your most desirable work area.
  • Fills in missing elements such as full name, postal address, alternative phone number and Do Not Call status.
  • Proprietary key word search to eliminate any properties that are listed as FSBO but are actually investors, agent listings or assisted FSBO listings.
  • Automatic import of leads into the PowerDialer, prioritize your calls by your own criteria. Automatic import into many customer relationship managers or manually by .CSV.

FSBO Data & Data Append

$30.00 / per month

taxes not included