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Expired Listing Service
$40.00 per month

Expired Listing Leads

Spend Your Valuable Time Prospecting Expired Listings, Not Searching For Names And Phone Numbers

When the contractual agreement between the home seller and agent expires, the listing agent or Multiple Listing Service often removes the owner’s name, phone number and address from the MLS database. It’s time consuming to search directories for accurate contact information. Expired listings are still qualified sellers, and therefore speed of contact is important. An expired listing service facilitates much quicker contact.

Our expired listing service automatically does the research for you. We provide a majority of phone numbers, owner names, postal addresses and Do Not Call status for your MLS expired listings. The enriched expired listings are emailed to you daily and stored in a web based back office. There is no software to learn or complicated exporting to perform. The expired listing service provides you with pre-sorted information according to mileage proximity, from the closest to the furthest from your preferred working area.

Winning expired listings requires you to separate yourself from your competitors and impress upon the seller what you will do differently to sell their home. ArchAgent can assist you in creating your unique selling proposition. In addition to the expired listing service, ArchAgent can provide you with property marketing tools such as SMS/text mobile marketing, single property websites, Powerline call capture and RoamHomes mobile property search. Our business building kit will supply you with the scripts, templates and know-how that will help you become the agent of choice.

Expired Listing Service Includes:

  • Receive a daily list of Expired listings within a fifty-mile radius, delivered by mileage proximity closest to furthest from your most desirable work area.
  • Fills in missing elements such as phone number, owner name, postal address and Do Not Call status.
  • Automatic import of leads into the PowerDialer, prioritize your calls by your own criteria. Automatic import into many customer relationship managers or manually by .CSV.

Expired Listing Service

$40.00 / per month

taxes not included