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Business Building Kit

ArchAgent Business Building Kit

The ArchAgent Business Building Kit Contains The Best Real Estate Scripts, Strategies and Marketing Templates To Create Sales.

You Don’t Have To Reinvent The Wheel.

Building a successful real estate business is not easy. You have to continually find new prospects. Once you find them you have to qualify their motivation and manage their expectations. You have to win competitive listing presentations, price your properties to sell and negotiate price reductions. And when opportunity presents itself, you must convert.

When you consider the big picture, it is overwhelming. Just considering where to start or where to focus your efforts is more than a little confusing.

To simplify and help you get started in the right direction, every Arch service comes with our business building kit that gives you simple to follow modules to show you exactly how to maximize opportunity and real estate scripts to convert opportunity to sales.

Modules include:

Lead Generation: The art of soliciting response is not only what you offer but how and where you offer it. Learn how to create effective ads using classic methods such as sign riders, brochures, website and print while increasing response by leveraging the latest technologies like GPS search tools, SMS/text, QR codes, internet SEO and social media.

Listing Presentation: Winning competitive listing presentations is about creating positive points of differentiation to convince the seller you should be the agent of choice.

To position yourself as a sophisticated marketing expert, we provide you with a prelisting package that contains sample documents with real estate scripts to explain how you will sell their home for the most money in the least amount of time.

Price Reduction: Pricing properties to sell would be simple if you could convince the seller to price it right every time. However, there are times you simply need to negotiate a price reduction. To help you substantiate your position that a price reduction is needed, use our price reduction real estate script that provides evidence that your marketing is working.

For Sale By Owners: Convincing a For Sale By Owners to list with you takes persistence. It also requires you to convince the owner that you will sell their home for more money. Or perhaps they just want you to sell it faster? Our FSBO service comes complete with prospecting letters, real estate scripts and behavioral chart so you can identify their need and position yourself to have the best chance at earning their business.

Expired Listings: Home sellers re-list for one of two reasons: fear or hopelessness. Fear that the next experience might be worse, hopelessness that the next agent will not do anything different. Our expired service real estate script demonstrates how you to restore their confidence to win their listing.

Internet SEO: Divide the number of agents in your city by ten. The resulting number is your odds of ranking on the first page of native search engine results. Follow our simple SEO template and give yourself the best chance to rank a single property site and your agent site on page one. Learn how to choose a searchable URL, select key words and link build.

Qualifying Prospect Motivation: What you say and how you say it matter. Our business building kit contains effective real estate scripts that qualify motivation, or use our live operator center as your virtual assistant. They will call and qualify your leads so you can focus on the most productive prospects.

Consumer Direct Free Reports: Our kit comes with a set of prewritten consumer direct ads and fulfillment reports for targeting buyers, sellers, investors, first time homebuyers, expired listings and for sale by owners.

It’s everything you need. From start to finish.

ArchAgent Business Building Kit

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