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Social Media

Cast a Wider Net for Prospects and Clients.

The phenomenon of Web 2.0 (online tools and sites that enable collaboration and promote community, including blogs, social networking sites and more) provides an excellent opportunity for real estate professionals to reach a large audience of prospective clients at minimal expense.

If you’re not currently taking advantage of this lucrative new marketing pipeline, you may want to take a closer look. ArchAgent offers several Web 2.0 tools designed specifically to help real estate marketing agents build business.


If you already have a Facebook page, you understand how this site develops a “social worth” among your Facebook friends, including both personal and business connections. ArchAgent helps you effectively engage this network in order to market your properties and your business by:

Sharing a Single Property Website of your listings on your Facebook profile page. You can simultaneously market that property and highlight your sophisticated online real estate marketing capabilities.

Including a link to your Facebook page on your Single Property Websites so prospects can learn more about you and make a connection.


A blog is an excellent tool for building loyalty, attracting new clients and communicating with existing clients. Creating a blog is fast and simple: you can choose among a variety of free blogging services or use those integrated with agent sites.

Within your blog, you can promote all of your Single Property Websites using PowerSite Showcase link. ArchAgent’s PowerSite Showcase tool enables visitors to your blog to click to a website with a real time display of all your listings, complete with thumbnail images. Imagine always having a 100% current and up-to-the-minute Website detailing each of your listings without having to upload anything or pay a Webmaster for updates every time a listing is added or sold.

You can also add a custom page to each of your Single Property Websites linking your blog directly to the site.


The original online social networking tool. One of the most powerful means of marketing a property is to tap into the seller’s network. ArchAgent allows you to quickly and easily create an HTML PowerView Flyer of your Single Property Website that you can email to your seller who can then email it to friends and family. They can put the flyer on their blogs and/or their social networking sites, and so on. With one click, you’ve increased your prospects exponentially.

Craigslist and eBay

Fast becoming a significant real estate marketing resource, these powerful sites offer a prime opportunity for you to showcase your listings while illustrating your state-of-the-art marketing prowess. Use ArchAgent’s HTML PowerView Flyer for your Single Property Website and embed video, audio and links to your blog or podcast. Create a rich, multi-media experience for potential buyers and let prospects see for themselves that you are a highly professional real estate agent with an array of cutting edge technologies at your disposal.

Listing Syndication

Dramatically increase the visibility of all of your listings in no time using ArchAgent’s Lighthouse Marketing System. We offer free syndication to Internet real estate portals so you can easily submit your PowerSites to these outlets, free of charge. Simply click to include your PowerSites on Trulia, Oodle, Homescape, PropSmart, Vast, Local, and Google Base. Additionally, ArchAgent automatically submits all PowerSites to the Google and Yahoo! search engines so you’ll never be left out of the search.

RSS Feeds

ArchAgent makes it easy to add an RRS Feed of your published PowerSites to your own Website, blog or social networking site. The feed is automatically maintained and kept current, so once it has been added, you don’t need to do anything. A frequently updated feed will bring more traffic to your Website, help you achieve better placement in feed directories and keep your clients and target audience instantly updated with new listing content. Once a search engine indexes one PowerSite, it will automatically find and index your other PowerSites.