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Sell More Homes

How Can ArchAgent Help You Sell More Homes?

Winning More Listings and Finding More Buyers are the first steps to Selling More Homes. To maximize these opportunities, the successful agent also needs the tools to be efficient and effective. ArchAgent can help.

Step 1: Maximizing Opportunity

ArchAgent tools excel at generating leads. Whether using the Single Property Websites to capture emails, or the PowerLine and Mobile Marketing tools to capture phone numbers, names and addresses, these powerful solutions will generate quality leads. The key is to effectively manage and cultivate the leads. ArchAgent offers the perfect tools to get the job done.

Understand Lead Management

Develop a strategy to promptly respond to, and qualify every lead. Are they a buyer or listing prospect (or both!)? Are they working with an agent? What is their time frame and how serious are they? By qualifying the lead you can be sure to spend the most time with the best prospects. Let ArchAgent provide you with sample qualification scripts.

Integrate Your Marketing Tools

Use our automated lead integration tools to send leads to your favorite sales management software (CRM). ArchAgent has teamed with TopProducer to offer their TopProducer 8i package featuring tight integration with ArchAgent products.

Provide Effective Follow-Up Marketing

Use TopProducer Market Snapshot to provide effective follow-up marketing. Market Snapshot’s innovative marketing system helps you capture more buyer and seller leads by speaking directly to their interests: home prices and trends in their favorite neighborhoods.

Step 2: Make Decisions Today for Results Tomorrow

Efficient Marketing Tools

With all the available marketing options, agents can quickly run out of time and money with choices that aren’t effective or efficient. The entire ArchAgent suite of tools is designed to help you, the agent, be efficient with your marketing budget. Using our tools, you can eliminate wasted time and money while marketing effectively to those leads that are most likely to have an interest in buying or selling a home with you.

Wave Coaching Series

When developing business, it helps to learn what the top agents, coaches, and experts are doing. That’s why ArchAgent produces the very popular WAVE Coaching Series. WAVE is a unique coaching series produced by ArchAgent in collaboration with Keller Williams MAPS Institute. WAVE enables every agent to experience the effectiveness of real estate business coaching, communicates privileged insights of top producing agents and shares with you the most productive tools they use in their real estate businesses. Best of all, it’s FREE. To subscribe click here: